Why Us?

As communications, marketing, and HR experts with multi-cultural experience, we can help you avoid the reputation damage and associated costs of diversity missteps.


Before you launch a diversity initiative, diversity-related product or ad campaign, let us have a look.


We can help you design a tailored diversity program that takes account of inter-generational corporate culture, what is already in motion at your organization, what is missing and where you need to go to achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

A second set of eyes with a cross-cultural lens, we can be objective about what your people need to know to work better together as well as help

you envision how your product or campaign will appear to employees and customers, existing and potential, before you launch.


Building DEI sensibilities takes time.

In the meantime, objective, dispassionate review is critical because customers have no idea of your creative journey and thought process.


They will only know what they love, like, or feel insulted by.


Employees will only know what you said, not what you meant to say.


In a digital world, where diversity missteps go global in no time, we can help you build DEI capacity in a variety of ways.