Our Mission


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Our mission is to help companies and non-profits get DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) right with a focus on mindset, strategy & implementation, and communications. To help you map out and implement your organizational leadership and employee diversity, equity, and inclusion journey by leveraging our Fortune 500 and non-profit experience in human resources, corporate strategy, and communications as well as our lived experience, on your behalf.


Our own mindset starts with the awareness that in today’s multicultural, global, social media-enabled world, customers and clients, employees, investors, and the general public expect companies and non-profits to embrace purpose, to understand who they are, and to communicate effectively internally and externally in a digital realm that is open for business 24/7.

While the ability to discern how to strike the right note at the right time may seem obvious, we continue to see diversity fails. Fails that took many months, meetings, drafts, mock-ups, and reviews to develop, approve, and launch. Or statements drafted hastily to meet the moment which fell flat due to a lack of internal alignment and commitment. Only to be met with public anger and customer and employee alienation.


Customers expect to buy from smart, knowledgeable companies committed to making DEI real. Employees want to work at a place they can be proud of, with a mission they respect, and a purpose they can engage in. Investors have made it clear that diverse companies and boards perform better.


Coming up short when it comes to DEI puts your corporate brand on the wrong footing. Diversity failures leave employees embarrassed and uncomfortable. They alienate customers and potential customers. They create uncertainty for investors. And they cost money in the form of diminished reputation, lost sales, destroyed or recalled product, wasted resources, and management distraction. And in a social media-enabled world, they circle the globe quickly and remain accessible to all, often forever.

​It doesn’t have to be that way.  ​We can help.

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