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Our mission is to help companies get diversity right when it comes to communications, advertising, and product. To avoid diversity disasters caused by insensitivity and lack of understanding. And to respond effectively if and when it is too late for prevention.

Communications, advertising, and product-related diversity fails put your brand on the wrong footing. They make your company appear tone deaf, out of sync, disloyal to core customers, and sometimes just plain ignorant. They leave employees embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Today, customers, potential customers, employees, investors, and the general public expect companies to embrace purpose, to understand who they are, and to communicate with internal and external audiences effectively in a global digital world that is open for business 24/7.

In today’s multicultural global world, customers expect to buy from smart, knowledgeable companies that are on top of sustainability and diversity and inclusion. That have honest, sustainable, diverse supply chains. Employees want to work at a place they can be proud of, with a mission they respect, and a purpose they can engage in.

Communications, advertising, and product-related diversity fails alienate customers, potential customers, and employees. They create uncertainty for investors. And they cost money in the form of lost sales, destroyed or recalled product, wasted resources, and management distraction.

To the right set of eyes and ears, inappropriate visuals and copy will be immediately apparent. While the ability to discern what is beautiful, what is inspiring, and what will strike the right note may seem obvious, we continue to see diversity fails. Fails that took many months, meetings, drafts, mock-ups, and reviews to develop, approve, and launch. Only to be met with dismay, anger, and customer and employee alienation.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  

We can help you get the concept and execution right.

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