Food for Thought - Winners

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash

Real LifeCase Studies-Winners

Here are our picks - real life examples of companies engaging and inspiring while staying  "on brand."

Heineken's "Worlds Apart"

Balm for a polarized world. Heineken took advantage of long form YouTube to for its "Worlds Apart" campaign. The campaign put people with unbeknown but opposed political and social worldviews in a room together to work on a common task. Despite their differences, they get to know each other as they work together.


In the end, Heineken is selling beer but chooses to emphasize the social benefits of having a beer - together.


The net effect of watching the video is hope. That’s a giant positive association for a brand.

torrid 1.PNG

Torrid customers love Torrid. Torrid starts by creating just the right fit for this curvy demographic and effectively communicating how good their clothes make you feel.  Nice!

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